Posted Mar 4, 2014 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged sandbell, steel bell.

QUICK FIT: Hyperwear’s Sand and Steel Bells

People get caught up in the major revolutions in fitness equipment—those game-changing moments when a new machine or concept changes everything. But the smaller adjustments can be just as exciting. Hyperwear has introduced their new steel bells, now available at all Gym Source stores. Similar to the firm’s traditional sand bells, these are filled with steel shot instead.

The steel shot fill gives you a smaller, heavier bell—and anyone who’s worked out with sand bells knows that the heavy ones get so large they become difficult to hold. The smaller, denser steel bells mean that a 40-lb. bell can be held in one hand, which opens up a lot of possibilities for your training.

That doesn’t mean we should all toss out our sand bells—quite the contrary. Many trainers prefer sand bells, which work well for quick, hi-rep activities. Plus, because of their incremental size, sand bells are great for stabilization and balance. In terms of core-building and overall strength, both sand and steel bells have certain advantages over traditional dumbbells—but from our perspective, dumbbells are still an ideal accessory for isolated muscle building.

As with most fitness-related objectives, the right tools are everything. Steel bells from Hyperwear could be the right tool for you and your goals. Feel free to try them yourself at Gym Source.

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