Posted Oct 15, 2012 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged Bodyguard T460xc Treadmill, Gym Source, Product Spotlight.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT:  Bodyguard T460xc Treadmill

Think all treadmills are the same? You’ve never seen anything like the Bodyguard T460xc, voted ‘Residential Treadmill of the Year’ for two years running. Besides setting a new standard in ergonomics and technology, the T460xc is fully compatible with imagine—the iPad app that transforms your Bodyguard treadmill into a one-stop fitness and entertainment center.

With the T460xc, easily integrate fitness into every part of your day. Simply download imagine from the App Store, then connect your iPad to the Bodyguard T460xc. Not only does imagine integrate the entertainment value of your iPad with your treadmill—so you can watch movies, Skype, listen to music, read, surf, you name it—it enables your iPad to completely replace the treadmill’s console.

Imagine the possibilities! See next-generation treadmill technology today, at a Gym Source showroom near you.

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