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Posted Dec 15, 2016 by Gym Source and tagged Cybex, elliptical, elliptical maintenance, Home Exercise Equipment, home gym equipment, preventative maintenance, Zero Runner.

Preventive Maintenance for Home Gym Equipment - Ellipticals

The goal of routine preventive maintenance is to keep your cardio fitness equipment healthy and working at a high level, because if it isn’t working properly how can you?

Elliptical Preventative Maintenance

The benefits of employing a regular maintenance program on your elliptical can be seen in improved performance, reduced equipment downtime (which means more workouts for you!), fewer major repairs (and the associated expenses), and an extended equipment life-expectancy.

Our equipment experts at Gym Source want you to USE the fitness equipment you purchase, and when you regularly workout on equipment – it wears down. So, we put together a list of tips you can use to keep your elliptical operating correctly and effectively.

Tips to prevent (not repair) damage:


All Equipment Needs a Routine Preventive Maintenance Program

Of course, one way to ensure that the fitness equipment you purchase lasts longer is to purchase quality products from top manufacturers, however, even top fitness brands need TLC.

For example, Cybex – a brand known as a premium fitness equipment manufacturer – recommends specific preventive maintenance activities including, after each use, monthly (or every 1,000 miles), and yearly (or every 5,000 miles).

Consistency is Key

We recommend preventive maintenance activities be performed on a regular basis to keep your elliptical equipment operating trouble-free. Ellipticals have many moving parts, so it is important to routinely check to make sure all components are functioning properly and optimally.

Get Busy

Cleaning is an important part of fitness equipment maintenance because sweat is corrosive. After using, be sure to wipe down or dry any contact areas such as the console or handles.


While you wipe down your elliptical check for any wear-and-tear or any missing, loose, or broken components. Additionally, clean out any areas where dirt might be kept, such as wheels, rollers, and tracks. Lastly, inspect the power cord to ensure that the cord is not pinched under the elliptical.

Prevent Injury

An added benefit of preventive maintenance that is often overlooked is that well maintained fitness products reduce the risk of injury.

Fitness manufacturers construct their equipment with certain benefits in mind, and when equipment is functioning properly it is less likely to have a negative impact on joints, muscles, or ligaments.

For example, the Octane Zero Runner is designed to mimic a user’s natural running stride, resulting in zero impact throughout the workout. However, if the alignment of the machine was off it could affect your free form running gait and could create inconsistent form throughout your run.


Preventative maintenance is important because proper maintenance of fitness equipment will ensure a safer workout and maximize the life of the fitness equipment. Which, in turn, creates a higher ROI on both your elliptical purchase and your time spent breaking a sweat.

Need service on your elliptical? Contact our service department to schedule an appointment at 1-800-GYM-FIX or connect with an equipment expert to discuss additional tips to keep your home fitness equipment in top shape.


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