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Prepping New Equipment

Because Gym Source feels so strongly about only offering customers a premium selection of high-quality gym equipment, each machine goes through a rigorous testing process before it ever reaches the showroom floor. Vlad Shindelman, the Director of Service for Gym Source, is responsible for making sure that every potential elliptical, treadmill, StairClimber, and fitness machine meets Gym Source standards for quality, effectiveness, and innovation.

The process starts when manufacturers ship their products to the Gym Source warehouse for Vlad and his team to evaluate. They assess the products’ safety, judge their components, and test out their technological features to get a feel for their overall value. As Vlad says, “If it is something that is good to us, or can be changed or modified to our needs, we work closely with the manufacturers – we suggest, they change, and I fly to see the final version or they bring it here. Once it is approved, then the product shows up on the floor.”

It is a thorough, involved process that could take a year or more, and Gym Source does not hesitate to nix a product from the lineup altogether if the team feels it doesn’t fit the company’s standards. Hear directly from Vlad by watching the video here: Vlad on Prepping New Equipment.

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