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Personal Trainer Spotlight: John and Kristin Moore

Area Servicing: Northern Virginia

Experience: Both John and Kristin have over fifteen years experience in the fitness industry. They are both Certified Personal Trainers through NFPT, P90x Trainers, Insanity Trainers, TRX Trainers and ViPR Trainers. Additionally, John is certified as a Master Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Resistance Training Specialist and Endurance Training Specialist through NFPT.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring John and Kristin Moore, owners and trainers at MPT NOW, a boutique fitness studio offering personal training, nutrition counseling, group fitness classes, pre and post rehab work, boot camps, online fitness training, and more.

While they serve a diverse client base with trainees ranging from 12 to 83, John explained that they focus heavily on range of motion, functional exercise, and corrective exercise with many of their clients.

He went on to illustrate that oftentimes clients are discouraged when he and Kristin suggest modifying exercises.

“Performing a modified movement does not mean it is easier, it just means it is different. Everyone has individualized needs, strengths, and weaknesses therefore what might be ideal for one person, may be completely different for another. This is why you hire a personal trainer, to help maximize your individualized fitness abilities.”

Kristin chimed in to explain that corrective exercise is another critical reason to hire trainers.

“Sometimes a client has been performing an exercise wrong for so long that they’ve actually hurt themselves. Teaching proper form is not only key to amplifying effect but correcting or avoiding injury. Our bodies are strong and simultaneously delicate creatures designed to move in specific ways, that can’t be ignored.”

So don’t become discouraged if your trainer is adjusting or correcting exercises, that’s why you hired them.

When Kristin was asked her favorite piece of equipment to use in session she without hesitation answered the TRX trainer. “The ease of use, versatility and ability to replicate functional movement allows me to utilize this piece of equipment with almost all my clients.” Plus it’s super easy to transport allowing her to travel to in home sessions with it or suggest online client’s purchase it for their virtual training sessions.

When we asked John, he said that he’s enjoyed training clients on the SandBells lately. The active, shifting movement of the sand challenges stabilizing muscles in your core. Additionally the unique design engages hand and wrist gripping muscles that are typically not activated and strengthened. Plus, on a slick floor you can use SandBells for a variety of ab coaster and glide or sliding core exercises.

When asked if they had anything they’d encourage those in the early stages of training with John stated, “Remember you have the issue, the issue doesn’t have you.” Whether that’s a weight loss journey, injury, health concern or large milestone to achieve, trainers are designed to come alongside you in that journey.

In the Northern Virginia area and ready to train with the Moores? Contact them by visiting their website or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.

Not in the Virginia area? Don’t forget they provide online training and nutrition classes as well.

You can also contact your local Gym Source equipment expert for a local VIP trainer referral.

Ready to start building your home gym or expanding your current one so a local trainer can train you in the comfort of your own fitness space? Contact a local equipment expert today to hear about the latest strength and cardio equipment advancements.

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