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Personal Trainer Spotlight: D’Lynne St. Pierre

Area Servicing: Northern Virginia and DC

Experience: D’Lynne has over thirty years experience in the fitness industry. Not only is she a Master Certified Personal Trainer, but also a Myofascial Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Reiki Master.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring D’Lynne St.Pierre, owner of The Body Fit, a boutique studio offering personal training, nutrition counseling, fitness classes, athletic coaching, pre and post rehab work, wellness seminars and more.

When asked her fitness philosophy D’Lynne explained, “I strive to help my clients adopt a healthy lifestyle, incorporating exercise and nutrition. When my client achieves a lifestyle change versus a quick fix I know I’ve gotten through to them.”

 Her passion for fitness began as a competitive athlete herself. She began to recognize the importance corrective exercise, flexibility training and plyometrics had on her performance and wanted to share it with others. “It amazes me how many people unintentionally limit themselves. I want to help people strive for better.”

D’Lynne’s commitment to her clients is most evident through her continued education. She has not and will not stop learning. “I love this industry. If I can incorporate another skill set that can help me comprehensively return my client to wellness I want to tap into that.”

Not only does she strive to stay educated, but she finds joy in educating others. “I love mentoring new trainers. I have thirty years experience and education I can share with them and multiply my efforts. It’d be silly not to.”

When asked what she loved most about being a trainer she very humbly stated,

I get to occupy a space of someone’s life no one else does. From training Olympic athletes to octogenarians and everything in between it is a privilege to come alongside someone and work towards a defined goal.”

Her voice shifted to a more somber, yet beautifully graceful tone when asked her favorite success story.

“Having the opportunity to work with someone diagnosed with a terminal illness is perhaps the most humbling experience I’ve had as a trainer. By incorporating exercise, nutrition and gentle body work into someone’s final months I was able to make them more comfortable and give them more time than anticipated with loved ones. That’s success to me.”

In the Virginia/DC area and ready to train or be mentored by D’Lynne? Contact her by visiting her website.

Not in the Virginia/DC area but inspired to connect with a personal trainer? Contact your local Gym Source equipment expert for a local VIP trainer referral.

Ready to start building your home gym or expanding your current one so a local trainer can train you in the comfort of your own fitness space? Contact a local equipment expert today to hear about the latest strength and cardio equipment advancements.

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