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Posted Jun 17, 2018 by Gym Source in Trainer Spotlight and tagged Certified Personal Trainer, healthy lifestyle, personal trainer, TRX.


Personal Trainer Spotlight: Casey Zack

Area Servicing: Servicing the North Alpharetta-West Roswell, Georgia area.

Experience: Casey is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Trainer and ACE Fitness Health Coach.

At Gym Source, we value the expertise of personal trainers. That’s why we regularly spotlight local trainers who have a passion for fitness. This month we are featuring Casey Zack, general manager and head trainer at GYMGUYZ North Alpharetta-West Roswell, an in-home personal training company.

When asked her fitness philosophy Casey explained, “I strive to make fitness fun and sustainable for my clients. When fitness becomes a way of life instead of a chore for my trainees I know I’ve succeeded.”

She especially loves working for GYMGUYZ because they bring the training to their clients. For training to remain sustainable it has to be convenient, it doesn’t get any more convenient than a trainer showing up at your front door with all the equipment. Casey laughed as she explained, “accountability takes on a whole new meaning when your trainer is literally knocking on your front door.”

She went on to explain the additional benefits of in-home training.

“Often clients are distracted at the gym looking at others or wondering who is looking at them. In-home training isolates that intimidation factor and makes working out solely about the client and their goals.”

She is constantly reminding her clients to get out of their own head and focus on themselves, she goes as far as encouraging them to be selfish with their workout time, because it is and should be all about them.

When asked her favorite piece of equipment she couldn’t help but stick with the accessories for their versatility.

“I love using the Bosu ball both for my own personal fitness regiment and with my clients during sessions. From mountain climbers to crunches to squats it really allows you to get in a full body workout. Resistance bands and the TRX training system are also a great addition to any workout. I think the key is continually finding new ways to use your fitness equipment to avoid burnout.”

When asked if she had anything else to share she couldn’t help but mention personal training isn’t about hand holding for eternity, it’s about leading other people to become fitness leaders. Once fitness becomes a lifestyle it organically becomes something her clients share with their friends and family, allowing her to impact more people than even she realizes!

In the North Alpharetta-West Roswell, Georgia area and ready to train with Casey? She would love to work with you. You can contact her through the GYMGUYZ website, Instagram or Facebook page.

Not in the Georgia area but inspired to connect with a personal trainer? Contact your local Gym Source equipment expert for a local VIP trainer referral.

Ready to start building your home gym or expanding your current one so a local trainer can train you in the comfort of your own fitness space? Contact a local equipment expert today to hear about the latest strength and cardio equipment advancements.


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