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Overcoming Quad Dominance


Fitness trainers, physical therapists and runners alike are seeing the sedentary American lifestyle leaving hamstrings and glutes drastically underutilized—with quads are picking up the slack. Women especially experience quad dominance simply because women’s hips are slightly wider relative to their knees, creating a greater angle from the knee to the hip.

To alleviate quad dominance, the hamstring and glutes must work in unison, and that just doesn’t happen when we spend most of our lives sitting. And Americans sure do love to sit.

Not to worry: Quad dominance can be reversed with the Cybex Arc Trainer and Octane Zero Runner. Unlike treadmills and traditional elliptical trainers—which assist your hams and glutes by moving your foot along the deck— the Arc and Zero Runner fight quad dominance by forcing you to produce explosive power and speed from hamstrings and glutes all on your own.

Both machines use different strategies to achieve the same end. The Arc strengthens quads, hams and glutes during its power phase—the point at which you push your foot down on the pedal. On the Zero Runner, the machine works one leg’s hams and glutes totally unassisted by the other leg. Both machines ensure that all your major muscle groups work in unison for total utilization.

Make no mistake about it: we love our traditional ellipticals and treadmills, but almost all of them actually exacerbate quad dominance. On these machines, as the quad powers the forward-moving pedal or deck belt, the hams and glutes responsible for the heel kick are underutilized (since the machine does the work for you). While treadmills and ellipticals are excellent tools for cardio training, resistance training, road race training and weight loss, the Arc and Zero Runner win the day when it comes to helping muscles work together and overcoming quad dominance.

Most important, however, is to stop sitting and start moving. To learn which Gym Source equipment is best for quads, glutes, hams—and all your major muscle groups—get to Gym Source today.

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