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Our Favorite Tools for Workplace Fitness












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Maintaining your health and fitness while holding a full-time job is a challenge, to say the least. But health problems that result from a sedentary lifestyle are proven—and plentiful.

Fortunately, you can overcome workday fitness woes by bringing the right tools and accessories with you. Here are five top workplace fitness tools we love:


  1. Treadmill desks: Treadmill desks are the perfect way to integrate activity into your workday. Many models come with adjustable desk height, durable steel construction (making them super-stable even in shared commercial environments), and the ability to track important fitness stats—like steps taken, calories burned, miles walked—while you work. Plus, your laptop or other electronic device can easily connect to your office network right from the treadmill desk, making productivity no problem.
  2. Bosu Balls: A fitness favorite, Bosu balls (or any kind of large fitness ball) are an ideal tool for performing a variety of energy-boosting moves mid-day. The ball requires you to engage your core muscles while doing hamstring stretches, back extensions, side lunges, squats—and a multitude of exercises that will keep you peppy long after lunch.
  3. Stretch bands: Designed for resistance training, stretch bands are compact fitness tools that go  wherever you do. When time and space are at a premium, stretch bands help you perform quick reps of squats, extensions, curls, rows and so much more with added resistance and more muscle-building mojo. (We love these great stretch band exercises.)
  4. Yoga mats: Strong, durable, comfortable, easy-to-clean and water-resistant—today’s yoga mats are built to handle any demand from your workplace workout. Best of all, yoga mats (not just for yoga, of course) make your mid-day exercise routine more comfortable, and ensure that the impact of stress on your muscles and joints is reduced with dense foam cushioning.
  5. Fitness trackers: Short of bringing your personal trainer to work, a wearable fitness tracker is the next-best thing you can do to keep your workday fitness on-track. Monitor your caloric intake, your steps taken—even your sleep (just don’t show the boss)—and see how close you are to achieving your goals.


Looking for even more workplace fitness ideas? Look no further than Gym Source. Our friendly associates specialize in developing customized fitness solutions wherever your workout takes you—work, home, vacation, or anywhere else. For top-quality fitness tools for the office and beyond, get to your nearest Gym Source today.

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