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Octane Q47 SmartLink Technology

The Octane Q47 elliptical is built to provide a solid combination of balance, performance and unique workout features, making it considered to be one of the best ellipticals for home workouts. And, now with Octane’s SmartLink app, your home gym just got that much more technologically advanced.

The SmartLink delivers multiple pre-programmed workout programs to keep workouts fresh, effective, and challenging. Octane’s SmartLink console technology, wirelessly connects and controls your Octane elliptical directly from your tablet – enabling you to seamlessly connect and work towards your fitness goals. 

SmartLink makes your home workouts more efficient, effective and motivating because it gives you access to over 50 workout programs to keep you engaged and challenged. SmartLink technology is just another reason why this piece of fitness equipment is considered one of the best ellipticals for home.

See the SmartLink in action. Watch a Gym Source equipment expert demo the app – which allows for everyone to create their own profile and gives you access to over 50 workouts including, lose weight, feel better, tone up, and athletic performance. Your tablet becomes the interface for the Octane Q47 XI elliptical.

Want to see the Q47 in action? Watch our equipment expert walk you through a Octane product demonstration here. 


Reasons why the the new SmartLink is an excellent tool for your home gym:

First, it allows you plan for and reach long-term goals over 30, 60 or 90 days. Pick workout goals like “Lose Weight,” “Feel Better,” or “Get Stronger,” and then develop customized longitudinal programs to get results. Your Octane elliptical delivers a personalized training regimen every time you log in to coach you toward reaching your goals. Engineered with input from personal trainers and fitness professionals, SmartLink is responsive to your needs and will even recalibrate in response to your progress.

Second, SmartLink users now have the ability to manually enter completed workouts. Say you go for a run instead of training on your elliptical. Now, you can enter your run data directly into the SmartLink app using your Tablet, or integrate it from your wearable fitness tracking device. SmartLink will count it in your progress.

Want more? Add workout boosters to train specific muscles. Simply hit the boost button anytime to incorporate;
– X Mode: Almost like having a personal trainer in the machine; highlight different motions and exercises.
– Glute Kicker: Increases the resistance for the lower body; target the glutes, hamstrings, quads.
– Arm Blaster: Recruit more muscles in shoulder, back, biceps and triceps.

What’s best of all? With Octane and SmartLink, you always stay current: The Octane you purchased last spring with the previous SmartLink version will automatically update to the new version via your home wifi connection. Continue monitoring time, distance, heart rate, fat burn—plus stay fueled with all-new workouts to keep you motivated. Octane fans who have fallen in love with Octane’s new Zero Runner will be excited to hear that the updated SmartLink app will also be compatible with those machines, as well as Octane ellipticals purchased going forward.

Visit your local Gym Source to try the SmartLink app and test drive the Octane Q47XI Elliptical. 

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