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Not All Curls are Created Equal

Perhaps no other muscle holds such pride among fitness fans as the almighty bicep. Among some athletes (could you be one of them?), proudly showing off those “guns” is a coveted reward of committing to a regular exercise routine.

Ever wonder which curls build the best biceps? The folks at the American Council of Exercise wanted to know, so they commissioned researchers at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, to discover which bicep-specific workouts are most effective. The results may surprise you.

Turns out, among the most popular bicep-specific exercises—including the cable curl, barbell curl, concentration curl, the wide and narrow grip EZ curl, and the preacher curl—the concentration curl is the runaway winner, producing more than 95% activation of the biceps brachii and less activation of the anterior deltoid than most other exercises. Those other exercises produced muscle activation of the biceps brachii ranging between slightly under 70% (preacher curl) to just above 80% (cable curl).

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