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New and Notable Fitness Equipment

The fitness industry keeps evolving fitness equipment with innovative upgrades with each new product release – and we like to keep our customers informed. Below you’ll find information on the latest and greatest of new products this quarter. As your goals continue to grow and change, we want to ensure you know new fitness equipment and accessories that can help take your training to the next level. 


Let’s start with Hyperice, a new brand to Gym Source. Their mission: to accelerate athlete recovery time, prevent injury and enhance agility. Think vibration training meets recovery. We carry two of their massage therapy products the Vyper and the Hypersphere.

– Vyper

The Hyperice Vyper is designed to offer the normal benefits of foam rolling paired with increased circulation and blood flow through vibrating and compression technology.

The rechargeable battery allows users three different levels of intensity to relieve sore or tight muscles, back pain, and increase flexibility before and/or after workouts. If you’re looking to step up your self-massaging capabilities and increase your mobility and range of motion this is definitely an accessory to add to your fitness arsenal.

Hyperice Vyper at Gym Source

– Hypersphere

Similarly, the Hyperice Hypersphere, a small vibrating rubber ball, offers the same vibrating technology but for more localized self massage therapy. Apply pressure to your lower or upper back, foot, calf, quadricep, hamstring/glutes, and shoulders for pre or post workout relief.

Plus it’s super compact and easily rechargeable with a two-hour battery life making it a great accessory to toss in your workout bag.

hypersphere at Gym Source

Stealth Interactive Core Trainer

Next up, a dynamic core trainer that will rock your world, or at least rock your abs. Like the results of holding a plank, but hoping for something a little more entertaining? This core trainer focuses on high score, not just counting reps or watching the clock.

You can twist and tilt your way through challenging, effective, and fun workouts while targeting 29 different muscles.  Just download the app after purchase and begin challenging yourself. In as little as 3 minutes a day, you can game your abs into an amazing workout.

See the Stealth Core Trainer in action.

Stealth Core Trainer at Gym Source

Assault AirRunner

Now that we’ve covered some awesome new accessories we’ll get into some more sizeable pieces. We’ll start with the Assault AirRunner.

Our equipment experts love this treadmill. The AirRunner runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption burning up to 30% more calories than the average motorized version.

It’s the lightest and easiest to maintain treadmill on the market, not to mention the most natural feeling. Even the most beginning level runners can hop on this treadmill and get into their proper running form committing it to muscle memory. You vary the speed and intensity with your own two feet – you are the motor. You’ve got to come in and try the AirRunner for yourself!

Expresso GO Upright Bike

This bike is epic.

In fact, it’s the world’s most advanced exercise bike on the market. From 300 miles of Interactive Road Racing and cutting edge HIIT Gaming capabilities to new studio cycling classes available virtually each week this bike guarantees a good workout no matter your training style. You can join a community of other Expresso riders from around the world in the comfort of your own home on a 26.5” touchscreen.

The technology capabilities are endless on the Expresso virtual reality bike including motion control handlebars. Plus the breakthrough magnetic resistance simulates the terrain so accurately it feels like you really are outside. Don’t just trust us, come in and test drive this top-notch new bike yourself. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Expresso Bike at Gym Source

MX55 Adjustable Dumbbells

Don’t worry – we didn’t forget tools for strength training. 

The MX55 adjustable dumbbells offer unprecedented selectorised weight performance for lifting enthusiasts of all levels. They seamlessly transition between weight levels, a critical component of adjustable weights. The locking rack and pinion systems were crafted with ease of use in mind. Think balance and function. Come test out a set at your local Gym Source showroom.

Need more help deciding on the best strength training workouts? We polled equipment experts and local personal trainers to determine which is better free weights or machines? Free Weights vs Machines: The Pros and Cons. Also, check out our ‘How to Buy Dumbbells’ Guide for more information on effective, strength workouts and the versatility of free weights. 

MX55 Dumbbells

Use this as a guide to some awesome, new equipment you should explore.

But, don’t stop there. There is still a lot to consider before deciding on the right machine for your unique goals and home gym – and our equipment experts can help you find the right solutions for your goals, budget, and available space! 

Ready to get started?

Get personalized help by connecting with a Gym Source equipment expert to find the right equipment solution for you. We will work with you to strategize your best home gym. Find your local Gym Source fitness equipment showroom here.

Or, view our Fitness Equipment Buyer’s Guide. It is crafted to help you know what you should consider when shopping for specific fitness equipment. If you need more help, view our equipment experts’ top questions to ask before purchasing fitness equipment.

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