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Multifunctional Home Exercise Equipment

Multifunctional Home Exercise Equipment

If you think exercise equipment is only for people who have space for a large home gym, think again. There is a variety of multifunctional cardio and strength training fitness equipment available that maximize your workouts by being versatile and supporting a variety of exercises.

Octane Ellipticals

The Octane Q37 is Octane’s best selling standing elliptical trainer and was named one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” of 2012 for many reasons. The Q37 has a space to attach all items found in the Octane Fitness Cross Circuit Pro Kit, including power resistance bands. These power bands attach to various parts of the machine to engage your upper body without ever leaving the elliptical area.

The Octane Q47 is one of the best ellipticals for home workouts. This elliptical is the perfect addition to your home gym because it provides a low impact workout that delivers. SmartStride technology automatically adjusts your stride to work more muscles and add variety. Additionally, the Q47 XI is equipped with built in upper body workout capabilities, allowing you to instantly change up your workout. Watch a virtual product demonstration of the Q47 elliptical by one of Gym Source’s fitness equipment experts.

The Octane 4700 comes with powerblock dumbbells and also has space for the Octane Fitness Cross Circuit Pro Kit to engage all of your muscle groups during your workout. With the dumbbells, you can take a break from leg-based cardio exercises and use the power of free weights to work your arms and upper body. Using free weights during your workout is a huge upgrade to your exercise experience. You can use a light weights to tone, or increase the weight to really build up muscle.

HOIST Fitness Functional Trainer + Smith

The HOIST Mi7 Functional Training System is a functional training system, with a smith machine built it. A huge benefit of the Mi7 is that this piece of exercise equipment facilitates heavy lifting with a multitude of steel rails that hold barbells and free weight bars.

The Mi7 is designed to be versatile and to provide an effective workout. A unique feature of its functionality is that it incorporates both vertical and horizontal adjustments with the ability to lock the weight deck to complete body exercises. Watch a Gym Source equipment expert walk through the benefits and features of the HOIST Mi7 here.

With the addition of the functional trainer, you are able to do more than just lift weights with this home gym. It has a core stabilizer pad, rock climbing grips, a pull up bar, and a dip bar attached to it. In one piece of fitness equipment, you get endless weight lifting and strength training possibilities.

With multifunctional home exercise equipment you can treat your body to a full-body workout, in a compact space. Cardio and strength fitness equipment that is effective, efficient and versatile is ideal for anyone with big fitness goals – but a small workout space. 

Want to test drive the Octane Q37 elliptical or the HOIST Mi7? Find a Gym Source store new you. Need help choosing a different home fitness equipment solution? Connect with a Gym Source equipment expert.

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