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Make your Golf Game Great

Great golfers need to be powerful, limber and accurate. That’s why golf training requires a unique combination of flexibility, strength and mechanics. The right fitness training can give you a stronger swing and more distance off the tee. For best results, the PGA Tour recommends at least four 30-minute fitness sessions per week.

Flexibility training is often considered the most important factor for success on the links.  An ideal swing is defined by the “x-factor”—the relationship of shoulder to hip rotation. The shoulders should turn at a 90-degree angle over the hips, which should turn 45 degrees. Flexibility training improves stiff shoulders, hips, and hamstrings and allows for full range of motion during your swing. (It also helps reduce your risk of injury.)

Strength training exercises—the next component of your golf game prep—should include a full range of motion. If you build muscle without full-range movements, your increased strength could actually hinder your performance. You’ll do best with a mix of lifting and flexibility training. Here are some exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles while improving your range of motion – to help give your drives more distance.


Finally, mechanics training will help give you accuracy and consistency on the course. You have to train your body to adapt and adjust while in play. You’ll develop optimum technique by having your body, mechanics and equipment working together. These exercises can help improve your mechanics and generate more accurate and consistent shots.


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