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Maintaining a Treadmill’s Top Performance


A high-quality treadmill can work wonders for your fitness. But to do their job efficiently and keep performing for years to come, routine maintenance is key. Here are a few tips to ensure your treadmill investment pays off long-term:

  • Routinely replace any treadmill parts that wear out. Not doing so may shorten its life significantly and require more visits from your service team.
  • Keep your treadmill clean. Dust, dirt and other debris all add to wear-and-tear. Try cleaning your treadmill weekly (or at least monthly), concentrating on the belt and deck surfaces, ensuring you wipe away any dirt that has accumulated in corners or crevices. Clean around the motor quarterly (taking care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in your owner’s manual).
  • If your treadmill requires regular lubrication, be sure to note that on your calendar to ensure it gets done. Important! Many treadmills don’t require lubrication at all, and doing so will actually cause damage. Not sure? Call Gym Source, and we’ll help you figure out what’s right for your machine.
  • Check that your treadmill’s belt is correctly aligned, so as not to slip while in use. All treadmill belts run down the center of the deck; if it starts to deviate from this position, realign by adjusting the bolts at the back of the machine (or call your Gym Source service team to assist).

Even more treadmill maintenance tips can be found at Running Planet, or contact your local Gym Source for assistance for your particular machine.

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