Posted Oct 29, 2013 by Gym Source in FIT Fact.

Lose weight... with fat!

Can fat help you lose weight? Looks that way: A recent study by Texas Tech University nutrition experts discovered that a diet high in a certain type of fat can actually increase metabolism. What’s more, this research could lead to supplements that boost metabolism and reduce muscle fatigue.

According to The Journal of Lipid Research, scientists studied genetically modified mice.  They manipulated an enzyme called SCD1, which converts saturated fat into monounsaturated fat, which is easier to metabolize. They discovered that the mice with more of the SCD1 enzyme created more linoleic acid in muscle tissue. Linoleic acid helps muscle cells burn off excess energy.

By working with this information, scientists may be able to find to mimic a similar reaction in human skeletal muscles (with supplements and diet) that will burn off excess energy as heat instead of storing it as fat.

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