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Lifespan TR4000i Named Best Weight Loss Treadmill

To create the ideal home fitness experience, anchor the room with one solid machine that meets your primary goal. If your goal is weight loss, then the LifeSpan TR4000i Treadmill is the perfect machine to choose.

Recently, Consumer Reports rated the TR4000i the best treadmill for weight loss—going so far as naming it the one to buy. The report highlights the unique weight-loss motivation this machine offers, including its Intelli-Step system that tracks your every step—so you can see how much you move every day.

Goal-setting and motivation are two key aspects to successful weight loss, and TR4000i helps you achieve both with unbeatable integration between the machine itself and your online LifeSpan account. The treadmill tracks your exercise information and saves it to a USB drive—letting you can see patterns in your workouts over time—and it links that data to your LifeSpan online fitness account, letting you see reports of your progress, as well as your workouts’ impact on your cholesterol, blood pressure and other health factors.

Essentially, your LifeSpan account acts like the “brain” of your TR4000i treadmill, giving you workout programs to guide you through exercise sessions, keep your workouts interesting and help you stay on track with your goals.

The machine itself is designed to be hit hard—with intense and continuous workout sessions. The TR4000i can handle the pressure with its commercial-grade deck and side rails of aluminum. Its 3.25 HP Continuous Duty DC motor combined with an 800-lb. central mount incline give this machine the power to keep up with you. Best of all—according to Consumer Reports—the TR4000i is an incredible value.

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