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Kettle Rope? Battle Bell? Why this Cardio Mash-Up Makes Sense.

Looking to mix up your strength-building and cardio-training routine this summer? Consider a combo of kettlebells and battle ropes. Together, these fitness must-haves make for a power-packed regimen that gets results.

Many clients come to Gym Source wanting to get more from each workout in less time. By combining the strength-training and muscle-building workout of kettlebells with the cardio and conditioning benefits of battle ropes—in the same workout—amazing results can be realized incredibly fast.

The Key to Kettlebells

For effective strength-training, consider switching out free weights with kettlebells. These durable tools help build your strength, boost your flexibility, gain more balance and boost your heart rate—simultaneously! Plus, they’re perfect for targeting your core muscles by giving your body a dynamic workout with their signature swinging movement as you lift.

For an even bigger cardio boost, try using kettlebells for the same routines you’d normally perform with dumbbells. It’s important to use the right size kettlebells for the best results (and to prevent injury). Choose from a range of weight amounts for your fitness level and workout goals.

The Benefits of Battle Ropes

Next, add battle ropes to your kettlebell routine for added fat- and calorie-burning results. These ropes provide an intense workout for fitness enthusiasts of any level. Even better, they don’t stress your muscles and joints (helping you avoid injury).

Best of all, battle ropes deliver the type of workout that keeps burning calories long after you’ve set them down. (Read more about that phenomenon here: EPOC Training: Keep Those Calories Burning.) Indoors or out, you can kill it with battle ropes almost anywhere—and for any reason; they provide an incredible way to train for intense sports and endurance events, as well.

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The Most Effective Mash-Up Ever?

Taken together, kettlebells and battle ropes boost both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity—ensuring EPOC training and continuous caloric burn. What’s more, you get a low-impact cardio workout that produces amazing results—one that helps build muscle and endurance, and keeps your heart rate up for a comprehensive cardio experience.

Best of all (especially for anyone short on time), kettlebells and battle ropes deliver every type of training—strength, cardio, flexibility and endurance—all in one intense, time-saving workout.

To boost your workouts and achieve great results with these remarkable fitness tools, find high-quality kettlebells and battle ropes at Gym Source.

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