Posted May 3, 2013 by Gym Source in Testimonials and tagged customer service, hotel fitness.

Keeping Fitness Facilities Fun—and Safe

As a busy hotel manager, Michaela Mackey wears many hats throughout the day. One of her most important roles is to ensure that her facility’s health and fitness room is properly maintained—and that every piece of fitness equipment stays in perfect working condition for the safety and enjoyment of hotel guests. That’s why it’s an honor to earn Michaela’s praise following a recent service call from Gym Source:

“I would like to identify the outstanding customer service provided by one of your top performers, Travis Rogean. As a hotel manager, I know what great customer service is, and his service blew me away. He was patient, professional and supportive, and very caring. He also had great knowledge of each product item and piece of equipment I had questions about. Great job Travis!”

-Michael Mackey, Hotel Manager

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