Posted May 6, 2013 by Gym Source in FIT Fact.

Keep Your ‘Ghoulish’ Figure This Halloween

If YOU end up eating most of the leftover Halloween candy, take heart: You can do yourself (and your trick-or-treaters) a favor by choosing healthier alternatives to the usual sugar-laden fare. Consider trying one of these frightfully fun alternatives:

  • Pre-packaged snack-packs like cookies, grahams or pretzels
  • Kids’ meal toys from popular fast-food restaurants
  • Small craft-making kits (typically under $1 each from big-name craft stores)
  • Halloween-themed pencils, stickers, tattoos, and erasers

Find even more ideas at the Boston Mamas blog. Our fave? The Switch Witch—Have your child leave all his or her candy on the doorstep at bedtime, and that night, the witch takes the candy and leaves a toy in its place!

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