Posted Sep 5, 2014 by Gym Source in Commercial Fitness and tagged cardio training, Octane, treadmill, Zero Runner.

Keep Momentum Going with the Zero Runner

What’s the hottest number in fitness this fall? Zero—as in the Octane Zero Runner, winning rave reviews and loyal fans alike among cardio training enthusiasts. The Zero Runner is a zero-impact running machine unlike anything else on the market. With the swinging footpads and movement of an elliptical—and the real-running feel of a treadmill—the Zero Runner provides an entirely different experience than any treadmill or elliptical can.

(Plus, while some ellipticals claim to create a more natural motion—and some try for user-defined motion—the Zero Runner combines and may even trump both.)

The Zero Runner is easy to use. Simply fit your feet into the footplates and run with the same motion you would on a treadmill—or on the road. You’ll get all the freedom of movement you would when running outside, but with a greater range of motion than an elliptical, and with less impact than a treadmill.

Explains Mike Caruso, Gym Source Commercial Sales Associate: “The Zero Runner is a residential cardio trainer that personal trainers and fitness instructors are recommending to their clients—particularly older clients and clients recovering from injury, for whom joint stress is an impediment to fitness.” See the Zero Runner from Octane for yourself at Gym Source today.

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