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Posted May 28, 2015 by Gym Source in Cardio Training and tagged barre, isometric traction, Power Plate, strength training, Vibration Training.

It’s All About That Shake

Lately, personal trainers and fitness pros are integrating isometric traction into their routines. But what is isometric traction—and how can it help you?

In a word: shake. Isometric traction is what happens when your muscles perform a static exercise for any length of time. Take an exercise like a seated forward bend or a standing quadriceps stretch; by holding your position (to a count of 30 or 60, let’s say), the muscles are stressed without changing length. But at some point, your muscles will contract and “shake” under the strain of holding your pose—that’s isometric traction. And its proven results are winning loyal fans.

One popular (and growing) way that trainers are leveraging isometric traction is through “Barre” workouts. Decades ago, a former ballerina named Lotte Berk combined her knowledge of dance with rehabilitation fitness. With Barre (so named for its use of that quintessential dance studio fixture), range of motion plays second-fiddle to isometric traction, in which ballet-inspired static movements motivate muscles to shake and contract in multiple directions.

Barre is especially popular with women, since it firms, tones and elongates muscles without adding bulk. While many Barre poses leverage an actual barre, popular accessories (which enable anyone to replicate a comprehensive Barre workout at home) include medicine balls, strength bands and light weights that range between one and five pounds.

Another way trainers and fitness fans are taking advantage of isometric traction is through vibration training. Low-impact workouts using vibration trainers from companies like Power Plate create isometric traction—those shaking muscles—just like a Barre class. With Power Plate’s Advanced Vibration Technology, the surface plate pulses; your body’s reflex to the vibrations firms and tones muscle, burns fat and improves fitness (all in as little as 30 minutes).

Plus, Power Plate’s vibration technology has shown to increase the effect of isometric traction when compared to holding a static position without vibration.

Just like Barre, a Power Plate workout is fun, too. The pro7, for example, can perform more than 1,000 exercises and 250 customized programs—all designed for incredible fitness results that leverage the proven science behind isometric traction.

No matter how you prefer your shakes, Gym Source has the right tools to get the results you want. Visit Gym Source today to get started.

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