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IS3 Intelligent Suspension from Cybex

A longtime leader in fitness technology, Cybex shows the industry yet again how bucking the status quo results in better fitness.

Instead of following the trend toward softer, more pliable decks for their treadmills, the scientists at Cybex found that simply softening the running surface didn’t reduce the risks of injury while running. In fact, they found that regardless how soft the deck is—the body will always be subjected to the same amount of force. What’s more, soft, pliable surfaces are not consistently stable.

The Cybex solution was two-fold. The company’s engineering team designed a running deck that would flex in front—absorbing both the load increase and initial “shock” to the body. Instead of being pliable or soft, this frontal flexibility ensured that the deck would transition to a consistently firm and stable surface that allows for proper joint alignment as the user propels forwards. They named it the . The result? Users can accelerate their strides with their joints well-synchronized, exercising safely and more comfortably.

Cybex treadmills that feature IS3 technology include the 770T and 625T. In addition to a shock-absorbent Intelligent Suspension deck, the 770T has stability bars and a premium Cybex HD E3 View monitor for the ultimate user experience. The Cybex 625T Treadmill offers a tremendous value for gyms and fitness centers seeking a rugged commercial workhorse. Both treadmills have all the benefits that Cybex IS3 has to offer.


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