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Is Rowing the New Spinning?

Move over, spin class. Indoor rowing is catching up as the new favorite class among gym-goers and at-home fitness fans alike.

The reason is clear: When you’re looking for results (and who isn’t?) the benefits of rowing actually surpass spinning in many ways. First, according to Details magazine, rowing burns double the calories in the same amount of time as spinning, maximizing every workout minute. Second, the very act of rowing targets muscles throughout your entire body—and keeps your heart rate up—giving you a strength-training and cardio workout all-in-one.

The advent of upgraded machines that utilize better rowing technology has only fueled the growing popularity of indoor rowing.

In addition to large commercial gyms adding rowing classes to their group fitness repertoire, rowing-specific studios are popping up around the country. Some of these studios make rowing their specialty, while others incorporate rowing into workouts with other exercise methods, such as free weight training, CrossFit and Pilates.

Of course, it’s easy to get the benefits of indoor rowing in the comfort and convenience of your own home. One top-rated machine that brings the rowing results to you is the First Degree Fitness Viking 2 AR Rower. Made with solid and sustainable American Ash and metal fixtures, this rower is designed to look great in your home and withstand intense workouts over time.

The natural feel of the Viking’s rowing motion—with its “natural catch” experience—give it a real-water feel. Plus, you can adjust your level of resistance as your fitness level or daily goals change. The Viking 2 AR includes a monitor that shows you your exercise time, calories burned, strokes and other important fitness data. And the quiet operation, maintenance-free belt drive and upright storage position of this rower make it ideal for home use.

Get to Gym Source to discover more about how we can help you bring better indoor rowing right to your home.

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