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Is a Treadmill Hiding in your Health Insurance?

Have you read the fine-print on your health insurance policy recently? It’s worth taking a look—especially if it means saving money on fitness equipment for your home.

For years, many health insurance providers have offered rebates for gym memberships and fitness classes. Now, however, more providers also offer rebates for cardio equipment expressly for residential use. The “It Fits!” program from Fallon Health Insurance, for example, reimburses families $400 annually ($200 for individual policyholders) for equipment such as treadmills, indoor rowers, stair climbers, elliptical trainers and stationary bikes.

These rebates go even further when you finance your purchase over multiple years. For example, say you purchase a TRUE PS300 Treadmill at a 30% discount during the Midnight Madness sale event at Gym Source, for a purchase price of around $2,400. Let’s say you finance your purchase over 18 months. With a $400 rebate from your health insurance provider in Year 1—and another $400 rebate in Year 2—you could end up purchasing that premium treadmill at significant savings.

Typically, all that’s required to take advantage of this hidden health care benefit is a purchase receipt and the timely completion of a claim form to your provider. Of course, read your policy in detail for all the necessary details.

Why leave money on the table? Help your fitness dollar go even further by investigating your health insurance benefits—and get to Gym Source to find the best selection and serious savings that fit your budget.

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