Posted Dec 17, 2013 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged M-Board.

Introducing the M-Board by Modern Movement

The M-Board, one of the fitness industry’s most exciting new products, gets back-to-basics with a focus on balance. As the latest offering from Modern Movement, the M-Board is in perfect keeping with the company’s entire line of fitness accessories—all of which are designed for total functional fitness and absolute simplicity.

Perfect for home gyms, fitness studios, or large gyms, the M-Board combines the benefits of cardio training with an old-school focus on balance, particularly for the core. The secret isn’t only in the superior design of this gym equipment, but also with the creative and effective workout routines the company has developed specifically for the M-Board. In keeping with the benefits of fitness balls and even balance-specific products like the Bosu Pro Balance Trainer, the M-Board allows for a variety of routines and approaches to work different aspects of the body while improving balance overall.

Not sure how to get started with M-Board? Modern Movement has created a series of effective and instructional videos, which shows just how fun the M-Board can be, while also clearly demonstrating its benefits to your training. Come try it out for yourself, at Gym Source!

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