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Introducing the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill—Limited Edition

At Gym Source, we’ve sold and serviced more treadmills than anyone else. So rest assured that we know treadmills like no one else—and the treadmill that has us (and our clients) more excited right now than any other model is, hands down, the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill—Limited Edition, available exclusively at Gym Source.

The Boston Marathon GSX—Built by Icon, Backed by Gym Source and with a unique drive system only available in this limited edition model.  The Boston Marathon GSX treadmill is built by Icon International, the largest treadmill manufacturer in the world and makers of popular Freemotion fitness products.

With the GSX, Icon and Gym Source have partnered to bring Gym Source clients a premium version of what Icon does best—engineer treadmills with a specific goal in mind. In the case of the GSX, that goal is to create the ultimate treadmill for hard-core distance runners. Not only does it feature one of the most stable road-surface-feel running surfaces in the industry, it also sports:

– An incredible 20% incline and -6% decline
– A top sprint speed of 15 mph
– Bluetooth-enabled SpeedRing™ technology for changing speed without changing  cadence
– Adidas® ANT+ Wireless Chest Strap for constant heart rate reports that display right on the  console and embedded video training workouts

The GSX also has adjustable cushioning, that allows a user to train for the outdoor, road feel, or to introduce progressive levels of cushioning to ease the stress on knees, ankles, and backs, but never sacrificing the proper stable pushoff that so many treadmills neglect.

But what makes the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill—Limited Edition far superior than the mass-market version is the proprietary drive system. The exclusive GSX model features a rugged 4.25 dc motor installed specifically for Gym Source, with a better belt system and drive train, stronger lower board and a more robust power supply.  This system met the 4.25 CHP requirements on much more stringent testing than any other version of this treadmill.

Run Boston—and Anywhere Else—Right from Home

The Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill is powered by a 10” hi-def touchscreen display embedded with iFit™ technology and Google Maps™, giving you the ability to train for and attack Heartbreak Hill to your heart’s content. Or, customize your route to match the terrain from anywhere in the world—to keep your training exciting and maintain your competitive edge.

What’s more, when the going gets tough, stay cool with adjustable fans designed to keep you cool and keep you training for as long as you can.

Ready for serious training? Then you’re ready for the Boston Marathon GSX Treadmill—Limited Edition, available exclusively at Gym Source, and backed by the largest service infrastructure in the fitness industry. Visit a Gym Source near you to experience this incredible training machine for yourself.

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