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How TRUE Comes Through for YOU

How do you pick your friends? Could be your shared interests, your history together—and the confidence to know that they’ve got your back.

Without question, those same bonds make the relationship between Gym Source and TRUE Fitness so strong. Since 1994, Gym Source has proudly sold premium commercial fitness equipment from TRUE. From the company’s top-of-the-line cardio training solutions to its unsurpassed parts support to its relentless commitment to innovation, TRUE is a valued member of the Gym Source lineup—with machines that excite, inspire and keep our clients moving forward.

For commercial fitness clients in particular, TRUE leads the industry in defining—and understanding—important market needs. Whether we’re working with a rehab center, a professional sports training room, a small fitness studio, a multi-tenant dwelling, or a large commercial gym, we provide our expertise confident in the knowledge that TRUE has a fitness solution designed specifically to address the unique challenges of each facility.

Take the CS line of TRUE treadmills.  Featuring a rugged welded steel frame and designed for minimal maintenance, CS treadmills are engineered for durable, superior performance in any environment. All CS treadmills feature TRUE’s patented SoftSystem™ adjustable deck—with the most orthopedically correct running surface available—and hefty Endura-Drive™ motor. But what makes the CS line really stand out is its custom console options. Whether your user priority is easy navigation, elite sport-specific training, or entertainment options, the TRUE CS900, CS650, CS600 and CS400 treadmill models can all be configured with 1 of 5 different consoles that make reaching goals easier than ever.

Even smaller facilities benefit from TRUE innovation. TRUE’s PS line of commercial treadmills feature precision-engineered components and SoftSelect™ technology—all packaged in a streamlined profile for an outstanding value.

Finally, we appreciate the extraordinary lengths to which TRUE goes to support clients. Replacement parts are always quickly available. Warranties are always faithfully honored. Best of all, when a client comes to us with a suggested product improvement, TRUE carefully listens and gets manufacturing upgrades in the pipeline within weeks.

From treadmills to ellipticals to stationary bikes, the Gym Source team is always proud to present innovative TRUE cardio fitness solutions to our clients. Call your Gym Source representative to learn more about putting TRUE in your facility.

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