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How to design the best home gym.

Where to start and what to consider?

Designing a home gym can be both exciting and daunting, where do you even start? We’ve turned to the equipment experts to help you maximize the efficiency of your home workout space without breaking a sweat.

To start designing the best home gym for you, start by;

  1. Take inventory of your fitness space. Start by asking questions such as, what are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? How much space can you designate to equipment?
  2. Consider who else will be using the space? Is it just you, or will additional people be utilizing the space?
  3. Test, touch, and try equipment before you commit. Each manufacturer uniquely designs their equipment for workouts, but what feels natural and comfortable to someone else might feel off to you.
  4. Consider flooring.
  5. Design with details in mind. For example, ceiling height, electrical needs, or room’s current layout with doors and windows.
  6. Ask the experts. Our equipment experts are passionate about matching our clients with the right fitness tools and solutions for their unique workout goals.

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Begin by understanding your designated fitness space.

How much square footage do you have available and what do you want to accomplish with that space? If you’re training for a marathon, the obvious choice is that treadmill you’ve had your eye on. But what if you could include a floor mat and a space to hang a few accessories to assist in stretching. Suddenly “just a treadmill” has turned into a fully functional and personalized fitness space.

Consider who else may benefit from new home gym.

Do you plan to be the sole fitness enthusiast in your home or are there other people to consider when creating this fitness space?

Perhaps you love cardio, but your spouse loves strength training. How can you incorporate both fitness needs into one shared space? By asking your local equipment expert about treadmills with a more conservative footprint perhaps you can open up space for a weight bench and set of adjustable dumbbells allowing both parties to meet their unique goals.

Or, you might want to consider incorporating multifunctional equipment into your home gym. Learn more about the benefits of multifunctional fitness equipment here.

Take a test drive.

You wouldn’t select a paint color you haven’t tested, purchase eyewear you haven’t tried on or purchase a car without test driving it, why would you approach fitness equipment any differently?

Design features that may feel natural and comfortable to one user may feel awkward to another. Often overheard in our showroom is, “I didn’t know it would feel like that.” Good or bad, we want you to experience working out on the equipment you are considering before you commit to it. We want you to love the equipment you select for your fitness space, if you don’t love it in the showroom, you won’t love it at home.

Don’t overlook flooring.

Flooring is all too often overlooked, but a critical component to your fitness space. But, why is it important to consider flooring?

Rubber flooring is an excellent insulator against sound transmission keeping things quiet for those in other spaces of the home, it’s extremely durable, easy to clean, able to withstand heavy equipment, and is nearly odorless. That’s right, when you think rubber flooring, don’t think tire factory, although don’t be fooled that type of sub par, smelly flooring exists – but, not at Gym Source. We only carry top of the line commercial grade rubber flooring with minimal off gassing. No one wants to work out with a stench.

You have a few options when it comes to rubber flooring. Mats are great for stand-alone equipment, interlocking tiles are good for small spaces, but wall-to-wall flooring is our favorite, by far. It looks great, comes in many colors and is extremely durable. Ask your local equipment expert to help you outfit your new fitness space with the right gym flooring.

Check your power source.

When designing your fitness space don’t forget many cardio pieces require electricity. Factor in where and how many power outlets you have in a given space.  Additionally, consider the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity of that area. If you want to listen to music, watch TV, or connect to app based live fitness experiences that will require ample connectivity.

Keep it light and bright.

A functional space would ideally have some natural light, but if your fitness space doesn’t have windows consider some full-spectrum daylight light bulbs to help energize you during your workout. Experts also agree painting your fitness space a bright white or another lively color helps keep you energized.

Consider a mirror.

No not for awkward selfies, unless you’re into that kind of thing. But to ensure you’re keeping proper form and to help motivate you through witnessing your own progress.

Keep it clean.

Think about including a space for Antibacterial GymWipes. They are alcohol free, bleach free and phenol free allowing for quick, easy post workout clean ups.

Ask the experts.

Our equipment experts are here to guide you each step of the way from idea generation through installation.

Talk to them about your fitness goals and the space you have available, bring in measurements and floor plans, ask their personal opinions, they’ve done this a time or two. It wouldn’t be the first time someone comes in looking for a treadmill only to find out they love the versatility of a cross trainer that better suits their fitness goals.

Visit your local Gym Source showroom today to start planning your new fitness space.

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