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How to choose the right personal trainer

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Personal Trainer

In addition to choosing the right home gym equipment, personal trainers are an excellent tool to add to your workout routine. But, how do you select the right trainer for your goals? We polled local personal trainers, and our equipment experts, to compile the top tips to choose the right personal trainer.

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

Pairing a personal trainer with your workout routine is the best way to reach your goals safely and effectively – and to make sure you are getting the most out of your fitness equipment. Safety, versatility, variety, and expertise are just some of the major benefits of working with a certified personal trainer.

“Investing in a personal trainer is investing in your health and fitness. The best trainers meet you where you are in your fitness journey and help you become the best you through realistic, well-designed workouts. Plus, trainers hold you accountable, maximizes your time with efficient workouts, can help you achieve specific training goals, and (most importantly) motivate you,” shares Jim Gallagher with Strength for Life.

According to one of our local equipment experts, “Besides teaching proper form to reduce injuries or even just fatigue, a trainer gets to know what we refer to as your Fitness Personality. They find out what makes you tick exercise wise and will show you techniques to reach your goals – they will have different methods for different persons even on the same machine.”

“A great personal trainer can be the difference in achieving your personal fitness goals. Personal trainers can help you define your fitness goals and assess your progress towards meeting those goals.  The motivation that a trainer can provide is invaluable. Regular sessions scheduled with your trainer also increases accountability. An experienced personal trainer teaches you a variety of methods to keep your muscles guessing,” illustrates Kathy Goetz with Kathy Goetz Fitness Training.

What to consider when choosing a personal trainer

First, define your personal health goals, whether it be general health & wellness or a more specific need, and then interview trainers to find someone who matches your goals.

“You don’t want to feel stuck. Personal training is just that – personal. To enjoy your time and get results, your trainer has to feel like a good fit. Also, to avoid injuries, be sure to choose a trainer who has expertise modifying workout intensity to accommodate your current fitness level. This can help prevent possible overuse, injuries, and also show how to modify exercises to adapt to a person’s limitations.”

“Sit down with trainers or even try a workout with them.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can understand their philosophies, personality and the steps that you will take together to reach your goals. Important questions and discussion topics that a seasoned trainer should ask are:  Do you need variety? What types of workouts do you like? Do you have injuries? Did you have a negative experience with a previous trainer or have you ever worked with a trainer before? If avoided, these can make or break a relationship before it even begins,” shares Sean with Transformations by Sean.

Our equipment experts’ experience partnering with local trainers means we know the questions to ask before selecting your trainer. To get started, consider the following;

– Are they certified?
A trainer should be able to provide their certification information. To become certified, personal trainers must pass an exam through accredited organizations such as The American Council on Exercise. Certification is important not only to ensure knowledge, but safety as well.

“It’s important to work with a personal trainer that is well qualified.  An advanced degree in exercise science, physical education or kinesiology is desirable.  In addition, certifications from reputable organizations that promote health and wellness is an added bonus,” shares Kathy Goetz.

– What training do they have?
Asking about health and fitness related degrees such as exercise science, physical education, sports nutrition, and kinesiology is absolutely appropriate. Often times, reputable trainers will have this information easily accessible on their website or business cards.

“Gym Source routinely works with trainers to provide expert education on cutting edge equipment so clients are more comfortable after they get their equipment delivery.”

“It’s important to remember that the world of health and fitness continually evolves. So, it is imperative your trainer works to stay relevant in the field,” explained Petros Arzoumanidis, Workout Anywhere Inc.

– How long have they been in the industry?
Inquire about experience. What are some of their favorite success stories? Don’t be shy, this person will be working to help you meet your fitness goals, you want to ensure they have a track record of successfully helping others.

-What’s their area of expertise?
Each trainer has his or her own specializations. Find out if they specialize in rehab training or marathon training or weight loss training. You want to make sure you’re paired up with a trainer who’s passionate about your goals.

“What kind of experience? Heavy who lost weight? Sports background? Athlete? It matters too because different people come in for different results,” says Jared Silverstein with Kinetics 360.  

– What’s their training style?
Will you be working in a boutique-sized studio with fitness equipment or outside at the park with fitness accessories and free weights? While this is just a preference, this will be the difference between you enjoying your fitness program or dreading it. You want to be challenged, but in a way that will effectively motivate you. If your joints can’t stand running outside and 50% of this trainers program is street running, it’s probably not a good match.

“You want to look for someone who has qualifications that help with what you want (for example, rehabbing from an injury). Just because someone is in shape, doesn’t mean that their training style will fit your. Personality is important too. What works to motivate you? How do you respond to training? Do you need the cheerleader who can mentally motivate you or do you need a butt kicking? Training philosophies play a big part in how successful you will be with an individual trainer,” explains Jared.

“Choosing a personal trainer, whom you are investing a considerable amount of time, effort and finances in is no different than any other health professional. Do your homework and be convinced that the person sitting in front of you is the one for you.  Listen for the value they provide and what their plan is.  The really great trainers are teachers, educators, therapists, motivators, coaches, friends, shoulders to lean on and cry on and positive forces in guiding you to achieving your goals on your fitness journey,” Elaborates Sean.

– What’s their availability?
Do they have room to really focus on you with their current client load? How often do you plan to meet? You want to ensure your schedules work, the worst is finding a trainer you love and then realizing you can’t move forward.

– What’s their pricing structure?
Is this a realistic option for your current finances? Do they offer discounts for buying packages in bulk or is it just an hourly rate? Don’t move forward with a personal trainer without budgeting accordingly, starting a program and having to stop because of finances can halt your progress. There are different solutions for different budget levels. Often times you can be resourceful by inquiring about partner training or group classes.

Ready to get started? Our local equipment experts have a list of local VIP trainers we can refer you to.

“Our VIP trainers have to share the Gym Source passion for delivering the very best. We don’t put just anyone on our VIP trainer list. They have to share The Gym Source passion for helping our clients achieve their goals. I tell all my clients, it’s quite simple – If you succeed, we succeed.”

This means, Gym Source equipment experts not only match you with the best fitness equipment for your goals, budget, and available space. But, we can also make recommendations for the right personal trainer.

Call, email or visit your local Gym Source showroom for a personalized consultation or to get recommendations on the right local trainer for you.


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