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Buyer's Guide

Equipment experts share their top tips to make purchasing fitness equipment simple.

Purchasing quality fitness equipment is an important investment. With a little help you can strategize your best options and find the right fitness equipment solutions for you.

Our full Buyer’s Guide is crafted to help you know what you should consider when shopping for fitness equipment. If you need more help, view our equipment experts’ top questions to ask before purchasing fitness equipment here. 

How to determine the right fitness equipment solutions for your goals, budget, and available gym space:

(1) Determine Your Dedicated Fitness Space

Do you have a space picked out as your new fitness space?

To create a space you feel inspired to workout in, it is imperative that you consider how you will utilize all of your available space. We encourage you to start your shopping process by first taking into consideration what you need in your workout space to create a fun, energetic, and encouraging environment for everyone who utilizes it.

Approaching your workout space strategically is the best way to ensure you get the most use out of the equipment you choose.

Answer the following questions to ensure that your available space is designed for optimum usability
– What are your ceiling heights?
– What are the dimensions of the room?
– Do you have doors that open inward or outward?
– Do you have any noise restrictions?
– Is your floor protected from dropped weights and heavy equipment?
– What type of access do you have for the delivery of your equipment?
– Do you have the correct electrical outlets for your equipment?

(2) Envision Your Dream Home Gym

You may feel that you should start the process by researching equipment and then decide where to put it. But, to maximize your workout space, it is important that you consider all the physical activities you enjoy AND how you want to use your home gym. 

For example, you should consider if you want to incorporate free weights into your workout, if you need room for a mat for stretching, or if you prefer cardio over strength training (or should you explore equipment solutions that allow for both)? 

(3) Know Who Will Be Using the Equipment and Fitness Space

If you have a spouse and children, chances are that each one of you have your own ideas of what workouts are the most enjoyable and effective to get results. Additionally, just as you have your own set of goals, physical limitations, and preferences – so does everyone using the gym. 

If more than one person is using the equipment, you might want to explore options that allow for multiple user profiles and preferences to tailor workouts to individual goals.

Also, it’s important that you shop equipment made with more durable components and a heavier frame. Multiple users create more wear and tear on equipment and stronger equipment will handle the higher volume of use.

Lastly, cardio options that offer a wider range of workouts, like ellipticals or cross trainers, tend to satisfy the needs of many users by acting as great low impact cardio workout that can be used as a strength workout (with increased resistance).

(4) Support Your Injuries or Physical Limitations

Don’t let restrictions stop you from your fitness goals. Instead, choose equipment that supports your range of abilities.

From knee and hip surgeries, to arthritis, to sports injuries, and various health conditions that impact the types (and intensity) of fitness training you can do – there is the right equipment for you.

(5) Test, Touch, and Try Equipment You Are Considering

There are vast differences in equipment that may actually look fundamentally very similar. Factors such as past or current injuries, your own movement capabilities, or personal preferences all play an important role in determining the right equipment match for you.

It requires more consideration and personalization to choose the right fitness products you will enjoy long term then you might first assume. Also – don’t be afraid to try all similar products to feel the difference in the machines. 

It is also important to note that online reviews can certainly be helpful. But, they are only reflective of one person’s experience. Just because a product was right for someone else – does NOT mean it will be the right fit for you!

(6) Know Who to Contact If You Experience a Problem

Do you know your available options if you experience an issue during delivery, installation, or need service? Purchasing from an online based retailer means you will have to rely on third-parties for your installation, services and repair needs.

At Gym Source, we have a vested interest in your total equipment ownership experience. We want you to get the most out of the equipment you select for your home gym. From concept, to completion, and beyond – we can match you with the right fitness equipment solutions.

Working directly with a dealer is the best way to purchase fitness equipment. Get started today – download our Fitness Equipment Buyers Guide or visit your local Gym Source showroom to connect with an equipment expert.

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