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You already use technology to stay connected with friends and family, so why not use  it to take your fitness motivation to the next level?

Fitness is evolving, and incorporating new resources into your workout arsenal can increase your level of engagement and accountability. Ultimately, the goal of adding technology to your workout is to increase the value, convenience, and engagement of your workouts.

Use these tools to stay motivated and power through your workout:

Fitness Apps

New to fitness apps? There are many easy ways to start incorporating them into your personal fitness routine and healthy lifestyle, including fitness challenges, earning rewards, and support from your personal online communities. Accountability is increased when your progress and accomplishments are public. Or, on the flip side, if you are someone who sometimes struggles with self-motivation, getting involved in fitness competitions will help you get (and stay) in gear.

Reintroduce Yourself to Existing Equipment Features

Cardio equipment manufacturers continue to increase the value of their fitness equipment by implementing and refining workout tracking systems.  However, most people never use more than the most basic “quick start” feature on their equipment.  You may be surprised to discover how much you enjoy the features which already exist on your equipment.

For example, TRUE’s Heart Rate Control (HRC®) System is an unique feature that creates consistency in your workout that helps you achieve maximum results. Heart rate monitoring allows you to accurately measure your workout intensity and lock in at a level for the duration of your workout.

Additionally, interactive equipment features such as virtual bike tours, video and audio workouts, and the ability to connect online while working out all provide variety to your daily workout.

Fusing Entertainment with Your Sweat Session

Forming exercise habits on a solid foundation of fun is the perfect way to stay motivated. Adding elements of entertainment to your workout routine can help make the work you put in feel more like a game. For example, the University of Memphis is utilizing gamification in their new initiative – the Expresso Bike Challenge.

“These bikes offer something for everyone,” said Katie Gerstemeier, fitness and wellness coordinator. “They have a video game atmosphere with fitness.” The goal of the challenge is to get more students active and working towards the U of M team, which is one of 153 across the nation.

When you are more focused and mentally engaged you will workout longer, burn more calories and hit your fitness goals. Talk to a Gym Source equipment expert today to discuss the variety of features available on our wide selection of top rated fitness equipment, and see how you can use technology to get more out of your workouts.

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