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How Much Treadmill Should You Buy?

(Note: The following article has been graciously provided by our good friends at TRUE Fitness, manufacturers of premium treadmill and fitness technology.)

Finding a treadmill that’s right for you can be overwhelming. You must know what you are looking for to get the best buy treadmill for your home. First you must determine what you want to get out of a treadmill.  The treadmill needs to be able to support and meet your goals.  Secondly, what kind of activity it is going to be used for, walking, jogging, or a high impact running activity?  Lastly, do you have any special considerations, like maximum weight allowed, space and height limitations, or noise reduction?

No matter what type of goals you have, quality and durability is key to getting the most out of your investment.  Not all treadmills are built the same so make sure you choose a quality brand like TRUE to protect your investment.  TRUE treadmills are made with the finest quality components, tested for maximum durability, and backed accordingly with comprehensive warranties.

TRUE’s treadmill lineup includes a treadmill to suite all types of workout needs and with some products featuring console options, TRUE treadmills offers even more options to personalize your equipment for your wants and needs.  TRUE treadmill will satisfy users from walking to high impact running, but there are some features that may help you narrow down your search.

TRUE’s M Series and PS100 and PS300 are some of the most popular treadmill models for the average user.  The M50 and PS300 features TRUE’s acclaimed orthopedic belt for enhanced joint impact reduction.  For the ultimate in joint reduction couple the orthopedic belt with TRUE’s patented Soft System™.  The Soft System™ allows users to change the softness or firmness of the treadmill deck.  These features are found on the PS800, PS825, ES900, and Z5.4 treadmill.

If technology is important, pay special attention to the console specifications.  If you need entertainment to keep you motivated during your workout, look for features like TV tuners and iPod compatibility.  If you are data driven, look for features like Nike + connectivity or a USB port so you can export your workout data.  Use the TRUE mobile app and MyFitness website portal to keep track of all our your workouts.  Look for programming that matches your fitness goals such as weight loss, increased performance, or muscle sculpting workouts. Check out the ES900, PS825, and PS800 for the most advanced console technologies.

Lastly, you can narrow down your search with any special considerations. Make sure to check the specifications for weight limits and length and height measurements.  Now that you have the tools to make an informed decision, make a list of the things you can’t do without and start shopping!

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