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How Gym Source Trains Techs

Just about everyone has had direct experience with how quickly technology changes – it’s the reason many people don’t even wait for their two year contract to expire before purchasing a new cell phone. With fitness technology it’s no different, which is why Gym Source has instituted an ongoing training program to make sure all its technicians stay up-to-date with all the latest trends.

As a part of this “constantly ongoing program,” highly-trained, highly-knowledgeable staff members such as Vlad Shindelman teach other employees about all the latest and greatest changes in gym products so that the whole team stays on the cutting edge of technology and design.

But Gym Source doesn’t stop there. Sometimes the changes are even beyond the ken of the company’s higher-ups. In these cases, representatives from the manufacturers are brought in (this happens at least once a year) to instruct the team about all the new information and technological updates that will help Gym Source staff maintain their reputations as experts in the field.

As Vlad says, “Unfortunately, with technology, things change so fast. So by the time we order the product and by the time it comes here, there could already be a different technology.” Rather than throwing up their hands in despair, the company’s management has instituted this “constant state of training” to make sure its customers receive only the best equipment available. Check out more about what Vlad has to say here:

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