Posted Dec 17, 2013 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged Accu-Stretch, Vinny Houston.

How can I benefit from Accu-Stretch?

 Gym Source is excited to introduce you to Vinny Houston and his innovative Accu-Stretch table. Now available at Gym Source, the Accu-Stretch table enables greater stretching ease for trainers and users alike-and provides for significantly less joint stress and reduced pain among those for whom stretching is uncomfortable or difficult, such as the elderly or people in physical therapy.

As owner of the Health Enhancement physical rehabilitation centers in Yonkers and Yorktown Heights, and as a long-time exercise physiologist himself, Vinny developed the Accu-Stretch table with total comfort in mind. Designed specifically to reduce back strain and increase range of motion, the Accu-Stretch Table has a detachable arm, a comfortable support pad, and a motorized frame that attaches directly to the treatment table.

The result is a stretch table that gives trainers and physical therapists in particular the ability to assist clients with a wide variety of stretches or plank exercises more quickly than ever before, and without added back strain—thus reducing the risk of injury and simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the stretch.

Lower risk and better performance—that’s true innovation in fitness equipment, and that’s why we’re proud to now offer the Accu-Stretch table at Gym Source.

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