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Hot Right Now: Group X-Training

Combining elements of cross training, boot camp workouts and sports-specific training, Group X-Training (GXT) is a fitness regimen taking hold in commercial gyms worldwide. Loyal fans love GXT for the fun, camaraderie and results such robust training provides; clubs love GXT because it brings even more people to the gym!

“Hands down, the hottest trend we’re seeing in commercial fitness right now is the rise of GXT,” says Michael Caruso, commercial sales representative for Gym Source. “Sure, it’s a great source of revenue for the clubs that offer it, but mainly it’s just plain fun for members. Some gyms now have GXT programs for kids, or GXT classes that families can do together. It’s a great way for anyone to enjoy the gym.”

A typical GXT routine utilizes elements from among the most popular fitness classes—like Zumba® and spin cycling—and rotates members through a variety of hot fitness training accessories. Kettlebells, sandbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, resistance bands—even TRX suspension kits—all comprise the best of what GXT has to offer.

The most attractive part about GXT training is its appeal to athletes of all abilities. Whether their goals are cardio training, strength training, muscle endurance or core stability, GXT fans love that it provides something for everyone.

Looking to start a GXT program at your facility? Look no further than Gym Source. We have all the equipment and accessories you need to run an effective GXT program for gyms of every size, serving any type of clientele.

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