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Home Gym Equipment: What to Look for in a Lateral Pulldown Bar

One of the most popular accessories to purchase for a residential home gym is a lateral pulldown bar (often shortened to ‘lat’ pulldown bar), a machined metal bar attachment that attaches to a chain, cable or low row/pully exercise machine. A lat pulldown bar works the major back muscles as well as other upper body muscles, and is a staple of most strength training programs.

Personal trainers agree that incorporating lat pulldown exercises into your routine two or three times a week can help develop and strengthen back muscles, including the broad latissimus dorsi and the small, flat teres major.

If you’re looking to add a lat pulldown bar to your home gym, quality and durability are essential. The bar should be lightweight, but strong. Hoist’s HD 2300 Mid Row/Lat Pulldown features “ultra lite” commercial quality aluminum noted for its strength, durability and lightweight feel. The machine features a telescoping chest and back pad, and incorporates a thigh hold-down that allows for proper positioning and support while you exercise.

Another great option is the Hampton 24” Pro Lat Bar, which features a totally ergonomic design and comfortable, durable urethane gel-grips. The bar features solid steel construction, a hard chrome finish, and—best of all—a totally smooth revolution for maximum workout effectiveness.

Both the Hoist and the Hampton bars are perfect for use with ANY home gym with cable attachments.

Still have questions about the ideal lat pulldown bar? Get to Gym Source, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

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