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HOIST Mi7Smith Machine and Functional Training System

The Hoist Mi7 is an innovative piece of fitness equipment ideal for anyone wanting to improve full body strength and improve fitness endurance. 

For anyone interested in building a home gym, the new Mi7 is a modern, functional trainer designed for a small footprint, versatility, and safety. It is the perfect piece of fitness equipment to workout safely and train hard – in a small space.

A Gym Source equipment expert demonstrates the features and benefits of the HOIST Mi7 home gym below. Highlights include;


The Mi7 is considered to be one of the most versatile pieces of home fitness equipment found at Gym Source. The foundation of the product is a smith machine element, however, it is not like any other smith machine you have tried before. This smith machine has the traditional high and low tracking to safely move the bar up and down, but is also designed for both vertical and horizontal movements of the bar. This allows for the machine to emulate the two types of lifting typically trained with a barbell; linear and arc movements. 

Simply put, this Mi7 conforms to you.


Structural elements are built soundly. The case hardened bar with spotting arms that are protected with a special metal finish protect against flaking or chipping of metal components when you hit metal on metal.


If you get stuck without a spotter, or in the middle of an exercise, the Mi7’s safe system allows you disengage the equipment in a way that is most safe to you. 


Learn more about the benefits of Multifunctional Home Exercise Equipment here. 

Want to test drive the HOIST Mi7 Smith Functional Training System? Visit your local Gym Source Store. Need help choosing a different home fitness equipment solution? Connect with a Gym Source equipment expert. 

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