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Heart Rate Training: Make Every Beat Count

Want to shorten your workout, without sacrificing results? Check with your physician first, of course, but you can do more in less time by switching your workout goals to those based on Heart Rate Training (HRT).

HRT simply means that instead of measuring your workout according to distance traveled or calories burned, you set goals based on the amount of time spent training at a target heart rate (which you predetermine and set). Doing so ensures that you’re working at maximum capacity—and keeps you aware when performance is slipping.

“By making a target heart rate your goal, you know you’re working within peak performance zone,” said Rob Villavicencio, certified personal trainer and Gym Source Greenwich CT store manager. “By working out more efficiently, you might save an hour of workout time every four days – and that adds up!”

Gym Source provides state-of-the-art cardio training solutions with built-in HRT systems designed right into the equipment. TRUE Fitness,  leaders in treadmill training technology, provides the technologically advanced Heart Rate Cruise Control (HRC) in both the True PS 800 Home Treadmill and the TRU Z5, allowing the user to build a completely customized fitness program around heart rate training goals. The True PS 800 includes a built-in Polar heart rate monitory system, with easy-to-wear, comfortable chest straps. The True Z5 offers built-in, wireless Polar heart rate monitoring, no chest straps required.

To learn more about heart rate training and the fitness tools that can get you there, stop by your local Gym Source store, or visit us online.

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