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Gym Source’s Featured Employees: Jeremy Weismann and Frank Walther

Naples Exercise Equipment

Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employees: Jeremy Weismann, Store Manager, and Frank Walther, Sales Associate
Location: Naples, FL
Since: 2012 and 2015, respectively
Quote: “We make a really great team – and teamwork is what Gym Source is really about.”

Jeremy and Frank are the first duo ever selected as featured employees, and for good reason. Their combined experience and the way they work together ensures that every one of their clients gets the utmost attention from the Gym Source in Naples. As Jeremy says: “We take care of each other. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure his clients and mine receive the best service from the two of us so everyone looks at our store as the place to go for high end fitness equipment.”

As for their favorite equipment:

Frank loves the Octane Zero Runner ZR8. He’s training for a half marathon and it allows him to get his miles in without the impact he would get running outside.

Jeremy has fallen in love with the Octane XT-One elliptical. “It’s just a smooth piece of equipment, it’s commercial-grade, and running on it almost feels like a treadmill. You can hike, climb, walk or run, so there’s something for everyone.”

When it comes to equipment they recommend to their clients in the Naples store, both men agree on the Cybex Arc Trainer. “It’s very popular, the way it moves is good for the body. Plus you get cardio and strength training in one machine – you can burn a ton of calories. It’s a great piece for everyone” says Jeremy.

At Gym Source, we believe everyone who exercises is an athlete. Every athlete has a goal, a reason to make fitness a priority, a Victory Moment they’re striving towards.

Frank’s Victory Moment will be finishing a half marathon with his wife. In his words, “She’s the runner, I’m not as in love with it, but it gives us time to get out and clear the stress and talk things out a little bit.”

Jeremy’s Victory Moment is to live a healthy lifestyle. “I just like to maintain good health, eat clean, and just live healthy”

Jeremy and Frank work hard every day to ensure everyone who walks into the Naples Gym Source location is taken care of. They work with their clients to discuss their goals and choose the right equipment for each person’s unique needs. They work together and support each other for the good of their clients. In Frank’s words: “It’s pretty cool we got featured together, I think Frank and I are a great team. Teamwork is what Gym Source is about.”

PS – You can read more athletes’ stories, follow them along their fitness journey towards their Victory Moment, and even submit your own story to be featured on our website at

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