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Gym Source's Featured Employee: Matt Terrell

Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee: Matt Terrell, Senior Sales Associate
Location: Newton, MA
Since: 2002
Quote: “My biggest accomplishment at Gym Source is really just helping people every day.”

Matt is a Gym Source veteran. For over 13 years, he’s worked tirelessly in 3 different stores to deliver the best products and the best service to his clients. Starting out as a personal trainer gives him unique insights to help each and every customer that comes into the Newton showroom reach their fitness goals.

“When I was a personal trainer, I worked for another fitness equipment manufacturer but I knew some people that worked at Gym Source and they spoke so highly of the level of service and consultation they give each of their clients. I was really intrigued and one day I walked in and asked for a job.” The rest is history!

Matt is an expert in all things fitness equipment, and he has a special niche for older clients and people rehabbing injuries. That was his specialty when he was training and it has carried over to his sales career. “I’m skilled at figuring out exercise patterns which help certain types of rehab, so it’s just about listening to people and trying to figure out where they are and what they need. My biggest accomplishment is being able to help people who need some guidance at such a vulnerable time in their lives.” Helping people get back on their feet is Matt’s expertise.

When considering his goals at Gym Source, Matt’s focus is building relationships with his clients and making the right sales to the right people. He’s a fitness equipment expert with knowledge in many different areas, as well as a specialty niche, so he’s perfectly poised to help people with any fitness goal reach their full potential.

Matt’s commitment to fitness doesn’t end with his clients; he’s got some goals of his own. “Correct posture for healthy living is very important to me. I’ve had some injuries of my own, which is why I can relate so well to others who have had such injuries. Fitness keeps me sane; it keeps me walking straight. And I take pride in that.”

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