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Cameron Owen Gym Source Featured Employee

Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Featured Employee:  Cameron Owen
Location: Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach
Years with Gym Source: 2 years
Quote: “Gym Source is a great company. We work from the beginning to the end to make sure our customers are taken care of.”

This month Gym Source is proud to shine the spotlight on Cameron Owen, who has been a member of the Gym Source team for approximately 2 years.

Cameron has always had a passion for fitness and staying active, and after attending college on a golf scholarship, he reinvigorated his dedication to fitness with strength training. His interest to remain physically fit, and to help others accomplish their unique health goals, led him to Gym Source.

“I love working at Gym Source because it allows me to help people,” he says. “My priority is understanding the needs of my clients, and knowing the right machines and fitness equipment to accomplish their goals.”

One of his meaningful client success stories involves a man who had been active his entire life, but had started to experience knee problems that resulted in him having to walk with the use of a cane. He came to Gym Source to find a way to build muscle and loosen the stiffness in his knees.

“He didn’t know where to start, or what product would be most helpful to him – and I was happy to give him my advice.” Cameron suggested the personal Power Plate, and within a few weeks the client returned to thank him for his guidance and to let him know he was already feeling a difference.

Cameron feels passionately that you can accomplish anything with the right machine. Having access to a wide variety of fitness equipment allows him to find creative fitness solutions to support his clients’ fitness goals. Working in 2 locations allows him to flex his creative muscles to brainstorm home gym solutions, as he is introduced to a variety of clients and fitness needs and as a result floor plan design is an area in which he excels.

“Home gym considerations don’t stop at space restrictions, it is important to consider many different factors.” For example, how the weather impacts equipment, electrical components of the room, and any new product updates that could be beneficial to a workout.

According to Cameron, the benefit of executing a thoughtful home gym strategy is that “now, all you have to worry about is working out, this leaves no time excuses.

Cameron Owen upholds the Gym Source values of our equipment experts and has learned to celebrate the variety of his clients’ fitness needs. He is prepared to approach every customer with a focus on their specific fitness goals, and to provide them with the best home fitness equipment solutions.

Connect with Cameron at the Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach Gym Source locations. Interested in connecting with your local Gym Source equipment expert? Find your local Gym Source Here.

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