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Gym Source Staff Pick: the Octane xRide xR650 Seated Elliptical

We all know that cardio training is crucial to your workout. For some athletes, achieving heart health isn’t as easy as just jumping on the treadmill. Anyone who’s endured knee replacement surgery or joint injury knows just how tough recovery can be. Even when you’re given the green light for exercise, it’s important to take it easy and not engage in any fitness regimen that’s too high-impact.

That’s why one of our Staff Picks for the month of July is the Octane xRide xR650. As both a seated elliptical and a highly efficient machine, the xRide takes the weight off your joints while simultaneously increasing glute utilization and helping your burn more calories. A more modern take on the recumbent exercise bike, the xRide has 30 resistance levels and integrated interval programs that help you customize your workout to your fitness goals. The machine also comes complete with wireless heart rate monitoring and an interactive message center and enhanced console that give you a new level of control over your exercise experience.

The xRide is also a totally ergonomic machine, from the soft grip pedals to the fully adjustable, comfortable seat – just one more reason to choose the xRide for your recovery needs. Plus, Octane designed this seated elliptical to have a longer, smoother range of motion to make the workout feel even better on sensitive joints. This means that users of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy the advantages of a low-impact cardio workout with the added benefit of greater muscle use and upper body involvement.

Check out all the great features of the xRide xR650 — and other great fitness tools by Octane — at Gym Source.

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