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Gym Source is On-Air with Home Improvement USA

Norm Morrison, general manager and trend advisor with Gym Source, was happy to talk about home fitness with hosts Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal as part of the Home Improvement USA radio show earlier this month. Dave and Steve discussed ‘in-home health,’ asking Norm for advice about setting up the right home gym.

“The very first question you want to ask yourself is: Are you going to dedicate a space in your house for this, or is this going to co-exist in a space?” said Norm. “Also, when selecting equipment, start with the one piece that will really motivate you to get started.”

Home Improvement USA is one of America’s premier home improvement radio shows. The show focuses on innovative products, practical Do-It-Yourself solutions, and a lot of user-friendly advice from numerous experts in the home improvement field. The show has been broadcasting weekly since 1994.

Listen to the entire interview here: Gym Source Interview with Home Improvement USA



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