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Go Ahead, Crowd the Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell RackIf you’ve been a member of a gym, you’ve seen the newbies crowding the dumbbell rack. It’s a common occurrence but it prevents others from getting to the free weights and carrying them to where they should be used – off to the side.

Gym Source has solved this issue for weight lifters everywhere. Now it’s okay to crowd the dumbbell rack. Buy your own dumbbell rack for your home fitness space and do your free weight workouts there. Crowd all you want, it’s all yours.

We sell a variety of vertical and horizontal dumbbell racks like the Tuff Stuff CDR Dumbbell Rack and the Hampton V2 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack. Vertical dumbbell racks like the Hampton V4 13-Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack are especially great for smaller fitness spaces – with a much smaller footprint, you have more room to actually do your exercises.

Dumbbell Rack, Smart Move

Come to Gym Source and ask our equipment experts which free weights and dumbbell racks are right for your exercise goals and space restrictions. Then enjoy the freedom of using them just the way you want in your home gym. They’re a great way to build muscle and get in a quick workout. But even in your home gym, don’t leave your dumbbells around the floor of your workout space where they can be tripped over or hurt small children. Save time and be safer by investing in a dumbbell rack. It’s a lot less money than a hospital bill.

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