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Posted Aug 13, 2014 by Gym Source in Elliptical Trainers and tagged cardio training, elliptical trainer, Octane, treadmill, Zero Runner.

Getting Runners Back on Their Feet

Serious runners are passionate runners—no matter their age, no matter their skill. Longtime runners will freely tell you about their emotional ties to the sport, and how much they miss it when—especially due to injury—they’re no longer able to run.

That’s why Gym Source is thrilled to be selling the Octane Zero Runner, the first no-impact running machine of its kind. Introduced last spring to great fanfare at the Boston Marathon, the Zero Runner has instantly resonated with runners of all ages and abilities, but especially so among veteran runners who thought they’d never again feel the same heart-pounding rush that running provides.

Recently, I spoke with Norm Morrison, senior product engineer at Gym Source in Newton, MA, about his personal experience sharing Zero Runner technology to his greater Boston clientele:

Gym Source: What happens when a longtime or injured runner visits your store?

Norm Morrison: Time and time again, injured athletes, aging runners and others who have fallen from their ‘prime’ walk into Gym Source with their heads hung low. Dejected, they tell me that they ‘used to be a runner,’ or they ‘can only walk now.’ Sometimes, people get misty-eyed explaining their intention to purchase a treadmill, but qualify that it will ‘only’ be used for walking.

GS: How does the Octane Zero Runner help you to help them?

NM: The Octane Zero Runner lets me offer my most passionate running clients a real way to run again. Before the Zero Runner, I would suggest an elliptical trainer, or perhaps a treadmill with extra-soft cushioning. Many clients have been thrilled with those solutions; nevertheless, for hardcore runners, nothing beats the feel of real running. Until now, I wasn’t able to offer them that particular experience. Now I can, without joint impact, and it feels amazing—for them and for me.

GS: How have these clients responded to the Zero Runner?

NM: Since I started talking about the Octane Zero Runner—and then once I started having people try it out in my store—I can’t describe how happy it’s made them. The independent pedals, the no-impact and totally fluid motion of the hip and knee joints, and the machine’s unique design all allow users to experience true zero-impact running. Bottom line is that people feel like they’re running; allowing someone to run again, restoring the energy and self-confidence they get exclusively from running, is very powerful. For so many people, running is the only exercise that truly matters; being able to run after being sidelined for so long is a gift, and people get emotional about it.

If you haven’t already taken a look at the Octane Zero Runner, then discover what you’re missing. Pre-sales of this ingenious machine across the entire Gym Source network have been strong, and for some—they’ve been simply life-changing.

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