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Get Top Functional Training with a Smaller Footprint

Looking for a comprehensive functional trainer for your facility? Consider the streamlined Hoist Mi6, which marries unmatched performance with superior commercial design and durability.

In development for more than two years, the Mi6 from Hoist is a comprehensive functional trainer engineered with the user’s total body in mind. Utilizing 28 separate pulley positions and vertical columns to provide a 360-degree range of independent functional training exercises, the machine is designed specifically to build multiple muscle groups through smooth, rhythmic, continuous motions that support the user and replicate the movements required for everyday living.

Better yet, not only is the Mi6 built for results—it’s built to last. Designed for minimal maintenance requirements, the Mi6 also features:

  • >>Concealed hardware within secure Carbon Fiber shrouding
  • >>Fully enclosed weight stacks for ease of use and added noise reduction
  • >>Quick-release adaptors that ensure easy one-handed adjustments
  • >>Integrated recessed accessory rack, bottle holders and towel hooks for convenient storage of accessories and personal items

Finally, the Mi6 is ideal for gyms and training rooms where a small footprint matters. Its compact, walk-through design requires minimal floor space, and is specially designed for corner placement.

Experience the Hoist Mi6 yourself during your next visit to Gym Source. To explore all of the functional trainers and multi-gyms available at Gym Source visit us online today, or call our commercial team to find the right functional training solution for you at (800) GYM-SOURCE.

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