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Get Road-Ready with the LeMond g-force UT Upright Training Bike

Stationary bikes offer an incredible workout, but their ‘fit’ sometimes falls short—especially when compared to a road bike. But the LeMond g-force UT Upright Training Bike is the first bike I’ve seen that finally changes all that.

For instance, with a traditional upright stationary bike you can adjust the seat up and down, and that’s all — not exactly the perfect fit for optimal training. I’ve always wondered how users of different sizes can get the same benefit from the same stationary bike. Can they? Probably not.

The LeMond g-force UT Training bike is uniquely designed to fit a user’s frame, and takes advantage of technology used only used by road bikes—until now. For example, with a traditional upright stationary bike, the user can typically only adjust the seat up and down (making it difficult for someone who is 6’5” and someone who is 5’1” to use the same bike effectively). But the innovative design of the g-force UT lets you adjust your seat up and down—and forward and back. What’s more, the height of the ergonomic handlebars can be adjusted and allow for different hand positions. These critical seat and handlebar adjustments not only provide an effective and comfortable workout, but frankly also result in a stationary bike that fits you like no other.

(And get this: The g-force UT is also the only exercise bike with a standard seat clamp post, so if you don’t like the seat it comes with—swap it out for another!)

The LeMond g-force UT also comes standard with the impressive WKO Lite™ Personal Training CD, complete with three custom fitness programs and the ability to download workout results direct from your g-force bike directly to your PC or mobile device. The programs are all vetted by Greg LeMond himself, and include a Weight Loss Plan, a Fitness Improvement Plan, and a Peak Performance Plan.

If you’re looking for an effective upright stationary bike to prepare for outdoor cycling this spring, you can’t go wrong with the g-force UT from LeMond. You get the convenience of a stationary bike, the custom fit of a road bike, an impeccable brand and the training expertise of Greg LeMond himself.


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