Posted Nov 5, 2014 by Gym Source in Cardio Training and tagged Gym Source, Sport Specific Training, TRX, TRX Rip Trainer.

Get Explosive Performance with the TRX Rip Trainer

As a product that’s singularly focused on improving rotational movement, the TRX Rip Trainer is an incredible training tool for any implement-based sport (like tennis, baseball, hockey or lacrosse). This tool is the perfect choice for up-and-coming athletes to train independently—or for coaches to use as a sport-specific training tool for their team.

The Rip Trainer uses resistance to achieve dramatic results. The resistance from the cord attached to the lever bar improves strength in rotational movements, providing resistance at the end of an implement to gain targeted strength and powerful release. It improves strength, control, balance, conditioning and much more, enhancing athletic performance in any sport where explosive strength using a raquet, bat or other implement is required. As a way to add value to any training program, the Rip Trainer offers the choice of low-load training at high speeds or high-load training at low speeds to customize a workout.

With the Rip Trainer, athletes can practice striking and swinging movements with resistance, as well as perform exercises that improve stability. The tool provides a targeted and effective workout that adds variety to training.

Think the Rip Trainer might be right for you or your team? Talk to one of our Gym Source representatives to learn more about the uses and benefits of the TRX Rip Trainer.

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