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Free Up Your Floor with TRUE Stretch

You may already know TRUE Fitness for its celebrated line of treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. What you may not know is that TRUE also makes yet another innovative fitness solution—but one with no motor, no drive train, and no console whatsoever.

It’s called TRUE Stretch—and it’s about to become one of the most valuable pieces on your fitness floor.

TRUE stretch is a self-contained “cage” that provides users a safe, versatile place to perform a vast array of stretches. Developed by noted physical therapist Gary Gray, TRUE Stretch is designed to help users of all ages and body types increase flexibility through a precise regimen of all-body moves. Loved by trainers, therapists, and coaches alike, TRUE Stretch effectively stretches the body across all three planes of motion (front to back, side to side, and rotational) while retaining the user’s natural upright positions and four points of contact (both hands and both feet). In so doing, proper body alignment, stability and safety are maintained while flexibility is improved.

For fitness facilities, the true benefit of TRUE Stretch comes from improved safety and recaptured floor space. First, TRUE Stretch eliminates a stretcher’s need to lean uncomfortably on other gym equipment (which may seem attractive for stretching, but which may pose a safety risk if used for that purpose).

Second, with a total footprint of just 4-ft x 5-ft, TRUE Stretch reclaims valuable floor space for other meaningful fitness results—be it strength training, core training or cardio training.

Like all TRUE equipment, TRUE Stretch is built to last in any fitness environment. Plus, it comes with its own easy-to-follow, fully-illustrated placard featuring 30 different stretching exercises organized by muscle groups.

Ready to flex your facility’s potential? Contact your Gym Source representative to experience the innovative TRUE Stretch for yourself.

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